10 Impressive Benefits of Composite Slate Roofing

Slate Roofing looks elegant and enduring, but it can also be hard on your budget. With synthetic slate (or composite slate as it is called), you enjoy all the benefits of slate, without the price tag. See how composite slate scores high in roofing options for your home.

Advantages of Composite Slate over Authentic Slate

Big savings: Replacing a roof with a new one can be expensive, especially if it is made of original slate. This is because natural roofing materials, such as slate, include the effort and costs of mining, transportation from the quarry, and installation. Natural slate is prone to cracking, chipping, breaking and damaging in transit, adding to costs, but composite slate is significantly cheaper. While original slate is priced between $10-$40 per square foot, depending on the variety, composite slate is nearly 50% cheaper at $7-$10.

Inexpensive: Composite slate is cheaper and faster to install compared to authentic slate roof installation. You may save several thousand dollars with composite slate installation.

Lightweight: Composite slate weighs less; not only on your budget, but also in the materials it is composed of. It is made from lightweight recycled products such as rubber and plastic, but is moulded to look like real stone tiles. They are one-third the weight of natural slate tiles. You can fix the tiles directly over your existing roof without applying too much pressure on your home’s structure.

Beautiful Design: Composite slate looks as high-quality as original slate, yet is economical. This means your home looks as beautiful as it would with a real slate roof, with attractive curb appeal.

Energy-Saving: Synthetic slate tiles reflect heat from the sun so your home remains cool in the summers. They are available in many attractive colours that complement your home. Since the tiles are fully recyclable, repairing damaged roofs is easy and eco-friendly.

Durable and Weather Resistant: Composite slate is low maintenance but is designed to last for decades. The tiles are engineered to stand up to harsh weather conditions and are highly fire-resistant. The ratings for fire resistance vary from material to material. However, synthetic slate roofs are so durable that they make the perfect roofing option for a wide variety of building projects, including those that require historic preservation.

Wind-Resistant: Synthetic roof shingles outlast their all-natural counterparts because they are wind resistant too. These roofs can withstand winds up to 110 mph. Barring hurricanes or extreme wind conditions, composite slate roofs stand up to the elements, keeping occupants safe and secure. They are also impact-resistant, keeping hail from damaging your home.

Fade-Resistant: Fading from constant exposure to the sun is natural for many roofing materials, even with the highest treatment. Synthetic slate is resistant to the sun’s harmful rays so your home enjoys decades of fade-free curb appeal.

Mould-Resistant: Roof damage from humidity and mould can cost you a lot. Synthetic tiles are chemically treated to be mould resistant. They are also resistant to algae.

Long Warranty: Roofs made from natural products have a shorter lifespan than polymer-based synthetic roofs. Since the latter is fortified with such strength and finish, they come with long, strong warranties for 30 to 50 years as well.

All Pro Roofing: Expert Composite Slate Roofers in Ontario

If you are looking for a strong, beautiful roof on a budget, composite slate shingles are a smart buy. We can help you with roof restoration, installation and repairs in Orangeville, Caledon, and Collingwood. We also offer free consultations so please give us a call for your next project.

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