Carlisle Syntec Sure-Flex PVC

Carlisle Sure-Flex PVC

From residential flat roofs to commercial buildings and factories, Carlisle Syntec Sure-Flex PVC, is an excellent choice for a wide variety of projects. Sure-Flex PVC has many benefits including; superior tear and puncture resistance, resistance to fire and chemicals, as well as proven long term performance. 

When correctly installed by AllPro Roofing, Carlisle Syntec’s Sure-Flex PVC is also a great way to increase the energy efficiency of any building or home. UV/Heat resistance will help regulate temperature and cut down on electricity bills every month. PVC is extremely low maintenance, easily recyclable, and it doesn’t off-gas or leach harmful chemicals if it comes in contact with water. In addition, the PVC manufacturing process does not require a great deal of energy and the PVC itself is light-weight, which dramatically cuts down the carbon footprint of producing and shipping PVC products.

Sure-Flex PVC has 3 common methods of installation; mechanically fastened, fully adhered or induction welded. Mechanically fastened systems are the most popular and best suited for areas with only moderate wind.

You can learn more about Carlisle Syntec Sure-Flex PVC flat roofing system by following the link below.

Youtube – Carlisle Syntec Sure-Flex PVC


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PVC Flat Roof

AllPro Roofing Inc is equipped to install a variety of flat roofing materials. 

We will use our years of experience to determine what system and material is best for your roof.

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