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Commercial Roofing

GAF EverGuard TPO Single-Ply Roofing Systems

20 to 30 Year Warranty

Energy Efficient and Cost Effective

To ensure the highest quality workmanship, AllPro Roofing Inc always chooses the highest quality materials to work with. That is why we recommend GAF’s EverGuard TPO single-ply roofing systems. Energy saving and naturally resistant to fungus, GAF EverGuard TPO is an industry leader in product quality and durability, with 5 different options to choose from, there is an EverGuard TPO product for every project. 

EverGuard Extreme Advanced Protection TPO Membrane

The EverGuard Extreme Advanced Protection TPO membrane is the strongest TPO on the market, boasting the longest available warranty in the industry, up to 35 years! Backed by the largest independent study on TPO performance in North America, The EverGuard Extreme Advanced Protection TPO membrane, was almost twice as durable compared to its top industry competitors. The EverGuard Extreme Advanced Protection TPO membrane is available in 50, 60, 70 and 80 millimeter thicknesses.


EverGuard TPO Membrane

The EverGuard TPO membrane is the perfect example of a high quality product at a cost effective price. Providing the same great performance expected of all EverGuard products, the EverGuard TPO membrane offers the seam strength, puncture resistance and material quality, that has made EverGuard a leader in commercial roofing products. EverGuard TPO membrane is available in 45, 60 and 80 millimeter thicknesses. 

EverGuard Fleece-Back TPO Membrane

The EverGuard Fleece-Back TPO membrane is the best option for your commercial property when looking to avoid the cost of removing an existing roofing system. Unlike other TPO roofing systems, the EverGuard Fleece-Back TPO membrane doesn't require a protective layer of material to be installed over rough or granulated surfaces. The multiple installation methods for the EverGuard Fleece-Back TPO membrane make it a versatile option for any commercial roof. The EverGuard Fleece-Back TPO membrane is available in 45, 60 and 80 millimeter thicknesses, and with enhanced hail resistance system configurations. 

EverGuard Freedom Self-Adhering TPO Membrane

Are you in a populated area where regular TPO installation practices are prohibited due to VOCs or asphalt and solvent fumes? Then the EverGuard Freedom Self-Adhering TPO roofing system is exactly what you need for your commercial property. An all in one roofing system, the EverGuard Freedom Self-Adhering TPO membrane comes right from the factory ready to install. Simple peel and stick application ensures up to 300% quicker installation times than traditional TPO roofing systems. Ideal for small applications or large commercial buildings, the EverGuard Freedom Self-Adhering TPO membrane is available in 45 and 60 millimeter thicknesses. 

Fully Insured Commercial Roofers

When picking a commercial roofer, it’s important that your contractors are fully insured. If you select a roofer with inadequate insurance coverage, your business assumes liability that could end up costing you thousands. Fortunately, AllPro Roofing is a fully insured commercial roofing company. When you choose AllPro Roofing, you get full peace of mind.

Professional Inspection and Maintenance Services

Your roofing system requires regular maintenance in to perform optimally. However, building owners often neglect this, instead depending on warranties to protect them should a roof fail. Roofing warranties may become void if no routine maintenance is conducted. In short: your roof is an asset that needs regular inspection. AllPro Roofing offers routine roof maintenance and inspection at a fair price.

Professional Cleaning

AllPro Roofing takes responsibility for its worksite - including cleanup. Our technicians are trained to clean their work area every day. This means regular sweeping, garbage pickup, and debris removal. When our construction/renovation is complete, you’ll be able to go right back to work.

Workmanship Guarantee

When you choose AllPro Roofing for your commercial roofing project, you can take comfort knowing our technicians are the best of the best. We stand by our staff and equip them with the tools they need to do their jobs. By using the best tools and materials on the market, we guarantee that your roof will last you for years. We promise you the best roof repair and installation in all of Caledon. 

Top Warranty

AllPro is proud to offer the most competitive warranty in commercial roofing. When we finish a roofing job, it lasts. Contact us today to find out why more and more businesses are discovering the AllPro Advantage.


AllPro Roofing Offers Commercial Roofing Solutions in Caledon

If you’re looking for commercial roofing service in the Orangeville, Caledon & Collingwood areas, AllPro Roofing is ready and able. We’re an Ontario roofing installation and repair company that’s been installing and fixing commercial roofs for decades. We offer free consultations, so please contact us for your next project.