DEC-TEC Vinyl Decking

For years, the industry leader in waterproofing solutions for decks, balconies, walkways, and other exterior surfaces has been Dec-Tec. Their devoted team of scientists and manufactures have made them an innovator in the pedestrian bearing PVC membrane waterproofing system industry. AllPro Roofing is proud to install Dec-Tec products because like us, they are dedicated to being the best.  

Dec-Tec currently produces 2 different lines of their durable PVC membranes so you can easily find the best match for your exterior home project.

Dec-Tec Classic Line

Offering a functional and traditional feel, the Dec-Tec Classic Line, is made using state of the art membrane production technology, to provide you with the comfort and protection you need. Available in classic colors like; Brick, Bronze, Granite and Solid Grey, whatever your home’s decor, Dec-Tec will be the perfect compliment to enhance your outdoor space.

Dec-Tec CoolStep Line

Now offered in white and light colour membranes, Dec-Tec, is the best way to protect your outdoor space in warmer, sunnier climates. Dec-Tec’s CoolStep Line is only available in 80 mil thickness, automatically qualifying you for their 20-year limited warranty. Available in 4 UV reflective styles such as CoolStep Sandalwood, Coolstep Slate, CoolStep Copper and original CoolStep grey, there is a beautiful design for every space.

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