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Eavestroughs, commonly known as gutters, protect your roof and home from moisture by guiding snow and rain down and away from your home. Correctly installed eavestroughs can prevent moisture build-up under your roof and in your attic. If you give moisture a chance to accumulate, your ceilings and walls may suffer structural damage, along with mould, rot, and decay. A properly functioning eavestrough system can help protect your roof, improve air circulation, prevent pests, save you money on repairs, and add value to your home. Here are a few common eavestrough options:



Aluminum is the most common type of eavestrough for good reason: it’s commonly available, lightweight, rustproof, durable, and affordable. Aluminum eavestroughs are made from metal stock ranging in thickness, with the thickest pieces providing the greatest resistance to damage from snow, ice, tree branches, and ladders. Aluminum eavestroughs largely come in white or brown, but they can be found in other colours. They can of course, be repainted in any colour.



Copper eavestroughs have practical advantages: they are naturally rust-resistant, they experience minimal expansion and contraction, and they can last 100 plus years under normal conditions. Their main draw, however, is their distinctive appearance, which homeowners are willing to spend extra on.

As the years go by, copper eavestroughs develop a green tinge that many people find attractive. Those who wish to keep the original copper colouring of their eavestroughs must treat them regularly with sealant to prevent oxidization.



The strongest residential eavestroughs are made of steel and are much better than aluminum and vinyl at resisting damage from hail, ice, snow, and falling branches. They can also handle much more weight. Of all the eavesthrough materials, steel expands and contracts the least, meaning less potential damage from changing seasons.


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