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AllPro Roofing is your low slope specialist.

We understand the specific challenges that a low slope or flat roofing system faces, and our specially trained technicians are committed to solving them promptly and professionally. AllPro Roofing Inc is a 3rd generation roofing company, and with that experience comes the knowledge required to quickly and correctly install a variety of low slope roofing systems including; PVC, EPDM and Modified Bitumen. 

We take into account everything that comes with installing a flat roof like: 

drainage, rain chains, sheet metal coping, and tapered insulation.

We’ve got you and your new roof covered. 


Each of these three membranes and accessories come with their own specific benefits, 

our expert advice will help you decide which one is the best fit for your roof.

Modified Bitumen (ModBit)

  • Classic roofing material, strong and flexible
  • Able to be installed in lower temps, can be hot or cold applied
  • Multiple layers increase durability and lifespan


  • Superior tear and puncture resistance
  • Fire and chemical resistance
  • UV Resistant
  • Proven durability in Canadian climates 
Roofing companies Shelburne


  • Synthetic rubber manufactured for extreme flexibility and durability
  • Highly weather, UltraViolet and abrasion resistant.
  • Long life span with no structural decay

Your flat roof is only as good as it’s coping. Improperly installed or damaged metal coping is a big problem for a flat roof. Water can penetrate behind the roofing material and even down into your attic or building. A small hole can lead to a major leak if left undiagnosed and untreated. 

Inspect the metal coping and flashing on and around your roof at least twice a year for any holes or other damage. A friendly reminder to please call a professional roofing service as their staff are properly trained to work at heights and detect any issues with coping or the flat roof itself.

AllPro Roofing provides custom sheet metal services to provide our customers with timely repairs, custom fabrication, and installation. 

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