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AllPro Roofing are your low slope specialists.

We understand the specific challenges that a low slope roofing system faces, and our specially trained technicians are committed to solving them promptly and professionally. AllPro Roofing is a 3rd generation roofing company, and with that experience comes the expert knowledge required to quickly and correctly install a variety of low slope roofing systems including; TPO, EPDM and Modified Bitumen.

Each of these three membranes come with their own specific benefits, and our expert advice will help you decide which one is the best fit for your roof.

GAF EverGuard TPO

  • Flexible and strong at low temperatures without the use of polymeric or liquid plasticizers to help maintain product structural integrity.
  • No use of harsh chemicals, which means a more environmentally friendly roof
  • Customizable colours to fit unique tastes and styles
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  • Synthetic rubber manufactured for extreme flexibility and durability
  • Highly weather, UltraViolet and abrasion resistant.
  • Long life span with no structural decay

Modified Bitumen (ModBit)

  • Classic roofing material, strong and flexible
  • Able to be installed in lower temps, can be hot or cold applied
  • Multiple layers increase durability and lifespan
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