Important Things to Consider when Buying a House with a Slate Roof

Many homes with slate roofing are known to have lasted for over a hundred years without much damage. This is because the fine-grained natural stone not only combines both classic and modern elegance but is also one of the most durable. Slate has been put to many good uses for centuries. If you are considering roof renovation or a new home, see why this durable, visually pleasing roofing material is a great option to consider. 

Hard and Soft Slate

Hard Slate: Hard slate is extremely resilient. It can stand strong in the roughest weather conditions, as well as exposure to fire and water. Hard slate does not absorb water, lose shape or rot in heavy rains, unlike wood or cedar. Shingles made of hard slate can last for even 200 years without changing its composition. 

Soft Slate: Soft slate is softer than its rock-hard counterpart. The composition is not as invincible as hard slate. With good care, soft-slate roofing shingles can last you from 50 to 125 years. Even though it's softer, the composition of the stone is similar to hard slate hence it is weather, water and fire-proof. Check out the age and quality of the slate shingles before you choose them to crown your roof. Very old slate that’s near the end of its lifespan may wear out fast. Check with the manufacturer about their effectiveness and shelf life before you invest in them. 

Before you decide on purchasing a home with slate roofing, learn about the age and quality of the slate. If the shingles are approaching the end of their natural lifespan, you might have to replace them soon.

Popular Choice for Roofing

Slate is available in many shades of gray. There are varieties with other colours too such as green red, brown, black and purple. Another reason behind its popularity is its composition that makes it easy to cut into thin sheets to create perfect roofing shingles

The beauty of slate is hard to beat. They come in varying thickness, which makes them a versatile option to increase curb appeal. Many homes with slate roofs outlive commercial structures thanks to its high performance even in adverse conditions. Best of all, slate is eco-friendly. Slate shingles need not be replaced every few years, unlike other materials

Now it’s easy for you to understand why slate roofing prices are considerably higher than other roofing materials. The natural stone is not easy to manufacture, hence it is not easily available. The starting price of slate can be high, but if you weigh the price against the long-term benefits, it may be well worth your consideration. Make sure you leave the slate shingle installation in professional hands. It requires delicate, yet experienced hands to install properly to last over 100 years.

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