Risks of not repairing missing roof shingles

Having your house inspected by a reputable roofing contractor is vital if your roof has areas where shingles bend and lift when the wind blows or missing shingles. Improperly sealed or missing shingles from ageing or storm damage are signs that the outside of your home needs attention. Replacing your entire roof might become mandatory if you ignore missing shingles. Here are some risks of not repairing missing roof shingles:

Decrease In Property Value

You know the importance of first impressions. The condition of your house's exterior is what people will first notice. And so, missing shingles can decrease the perceived and actual value of your property since they are unsightly. A fact you will most likely have to deal with once you decide to sell.

Appraisers and inspectors pay particular attention to the roof when selling a home. They will subtract the cost of roof restorations from your property’s value, reducing your equity or causing you to miss a sale. Besides, houses with missing shingles look neglected. To ensure the value of your property does not decrease, retain the services of professional roofers to inspect and accurately repair your roof.

Development of Leaks

It is possible to notice leaks as soon as they develop, especially when rain is pouring down hard, it is also common for holes to grow slowly. Because of that, it is easy for damage to go unnoticed. You might not think the leak is the result of a missing shingle. Although, there is the possibility that the water might have found its way into your home through an opening in your roof.

Insurability Issues

Before your insurance company agrees to provide you with future coverage when for damage caused by a storm, you must convince them that you keep your home in good condition. Insurance providers will most likely deny the costs of the interior portion your claim if you did not do anything to prevent worse damage before the incident. You will probably have insurability problems if you wait too long before filing a request for the missing shingles that initially caused the leak. That means you will have to take on the expense of interior repairs even if your insurance company agrees to replace or repair your roof.

Over time, missing shingles can cause more significant problems. That is why most insurance companies will not renew your policy if you have not repaired your roof. To be sure that avoidable hazards are not present on your property, insurance carriers routinely perform property inspections every two years.

The Value of a Comprehensive Roof Inspection

A comprehensive roof inspection is necessary because it lets licensed roofers assess a mixture of damage and age-related concerns. Well-trained and knowledgeable inspectors from All Pro Roofing can offer immediate advice about patching missing shingles or severe damage that might require you to replace your roof. We would also guide you throughout the insurance claim process if a storm caused severe damage to your roof. Call us today for recommendations or a quote for your roofing repairs.

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