Signs that you need to replace your roof

Signs that you need to replace your roof

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After twelve to twenty years, no matter how well you have taken care of your roof, it will begin to fail. It will also look old and worn. The shingle tiles will start to curl or disintegrate away, and it will look generally unattractive. Leaving an old roof on when it is time to get a new one can lead to more significant problems in the future. You may think that you are saving money by putting off replacing a roof, but you can end up with leaks, mould, increased energy bills, and animals living in your attic. These are just the short-term effects; you could end up with severe water damage and increased repair costs. It is smart just to get your roof replaced when the time comes. These are the signs that it has come time to get a new roof.

Neighbours Are Getting New Roofs

If it seems like everyone on your street is getting a new roof, it could be because the life-cycle of the street is coming up. Unless your home has had roof issues in the past, most houses on the street will undergo roof maintenance on the same schedule, as they were built at the same time. If your neighbours need new roofs, it could be a sign that your roof is nearing the end of its life.

Curling Edges

When roof shingles start to curl at the edges, especially at the corners, they have reached the end of their life-cycle. They will take on a "cupped" appearance and water will not be able to run off of them properly at this point. Shingles that are curling usually start to curl because of long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays. This radiation alters the chemical makeup of the asphalt. This leads to moisture in the tile evaporating which causes it to curl.

Cracking & Disintegrating Shingles

Also caused by ultraviolet rays, once shingles have lost their moisture, they become susceptible to cracking. They become brittle and break off, little sections crumbling away and cracks forming down the middle of the shingle. This means that you could get leaks in your home and if there is a storm your shingles could break off and end up leaving your roof wholly exposed.

Bald Spots

Bald spots are where little granules from the roof have beaded off. You will often find pieces of this debris scattered around your yard and on your deck. This is a sure sign that you need a new roof.

Water Spots

If you have water spots inside your home, either on the wall or ceiling, then it means that you have a leak in your roof. A leaky roof needs to be fixed, but may need to be replaced entirely.

Missing Shingles

If shingles have started to become detached from your home, it could be the beginning of the end. Damage often starts out slow, and if you are losing shingles, you should act fast before you lose larger chunks of shingles on your roof and it becomes an emergency.

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