Spot A Scam

Warning Signs of a Scam

ScamUnfortunately like every industry, roofing isn’t immune to scams and those who prey on the uninformed to make a quick buck before disappearing down the road. It is important to be informed and aware of the tactics that scammers use to take advantage of the everyday home owner, some common scams are;

The “Door Knocker”

Oftentimes a scammer will approach a home and knock on the door explaining they noticed an issue with the roof and will inspect it for free. They will then inform you about a serious issue with your roof, but will somehow miraculously have the solution to your problem in the back of their rusted out pickup with a door magnet logo. The truth is that your roof wasn’t actually in need of any repairs, and that “roofer” probably kicked a major dent in one of your vents or even ripped off a few shingles themselves during their “free inspection”.

Get a Quote not an Estimate

Ensure all estimates are provided in writing and ask your contractor for a quote. An estimate can change in a moment once a contractor has removed the old shingles and revealed the underlying roofdeck.

Proper Paperwork

It is incredibly important to review the credentials of anyone you are allowing to work on, or inside your home. New technologies have made it even easier for almost anybody to create false credentials and identification. If you have questions or concerns regarding the credentials of your contractor it is imperative you check with the issuing body to ensure your contractor is qualified to perform the possibly dangerous work you need completed.

Cash Only and Upfront

It is easy for a fly-by-night company to take your money and run. If your contractor is pressing you for a large cash payment up front, then they are probably looking to take off with your hard earned cash.

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