AllPro Roofing and Jamie came to me at the suggestion of my real estate agent. The roof, cedar shingles, needed replacing after 33 years. Since we are trying to sell, the cost of redoing it in cedar seemed an unnecessary expense. I did though want it to look like faded cedar and was shown several types trying to match up with a photo. Focusing on one, the estimate that was presented was, much to my surprise, hugely lower than I had expected. My house is a very large 1883 Victorian with many different roof facings, very high roof lines and deep pitches. I could not believe the crew fearlessly scrambling over them all, working as a well trained team and finishing in 2 and a half days. This also included a small barn. The clean up everyday was amazing and after full completion you would not even know they had been there. Many thanks to all the crew who worked steadily and tirelessly. You are the best in my book.

Cathy C.,