Composite Slate Roofing

Composite Slate Roofing

If you love the look of slate roofing but can’t wrap your head around the price tag, you’ll be glad to know that composite slate allows you to enjoy all of the wonderful qualities of slate, including performance, aesthetics and durability for a lot less.


1. Costs. You will see significant savings when you choose composite slate instead of real slate because the material costs a lot less, so you’ll save a ton of money on materials alone. You’ll also see savings when it comes to installation because composite slate is a lot easier to install and the process is a lot faster. If cost is a concern, choose composite slate because it provides homes with a beautiful and solid roof at a much more affordable price point.

2. Lightweight construction. Since this material is not made of stone, composite slate is much lighter than its natural alternative. Composite roofing tiles are made from recycled rubber and plastic. This allows for easier installation and in many cases, the tiles can be installed directly over the existing roof.

3. Aesthetics. Once installation is complete, the composite slate will provide your home with high-quality protection and a look that enhances curb appeal and resale value. What’s even better is that it’s available in very beautiful energy saving colours, so you can always find an option that complements the exterior of your home.

4. Low maintenance. Composite slate can stand up to harsh weather conditions, which is perfect for homes in Canada that experience all four seasons. The sustainable design is also highly fire-resistant and because it’s made from recycled products, the tiles can all be recycled when and if you ever have to replace damaged pieces. Light Rains are usually good enough to keep your composite slate roof looking clean.

All Pro Roofing Inc can provide you with more information regarding composite slate roofing as well as other material options. We service the Caledon, Shelburne, Collingwood and Orangeville areas and provide a number of services, including roof repair, roof inspections, roof maintenance, roof replacement as well as exterior renovations.

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