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Roof Repair Company ShelburneA professionally designed and installed Eavestrough system can be the biggest difference maker in avoiding water damage to your home. Without a proper drainage system for your roof, moisture can accumulate in your attic possibly leading to structural damage, mold growth, and poor air quality. In the worst situations, without a proper roof drainage system, hundreds of gallons of water that may fall during a storm, could soak right into your home’s foundation causing catastrophic damage.

AllPro Roofing’s professional team of Eavestrough technicians will ensure your new drainage system is designed and installed properly, ensuring water is led down from your roof and away from your foundation. AllPro Roofing offers aluminum, copper and steel eavestroughs, each with their own unique benefits.

An Aluminum eavestrough is the most common and cost-effective drainage solution, while Copper adds a rustic feel to your home with a lifespan of almost 100 years. Finally, our Steel eavestroughs are highly resistant to shrinking and expanding caused by changing seasons.

If your eavestrough is leaking, damaged or just in need of an upgrade, choose the professionals at AllPro Roofing.

Soffit & Fascia

Roofing Company OrangevilleA crucial yet often overlooked part of every home is the soffit and fascia. The soffit and fascia components of every roofing system play an important role in the function and finish of your home. Soffit is used to protect the exposed overhang under your roof or gables, and aluminum fascia provides a protective covering for the exposed wood of your roof deck. In combination, these two components are vital to protecting your room from damage and animal intrusion, while providing the proper intake ventilation for your attic space. Available in a large variety of colours, AllPro Roofing’s soffit and fascia installation team will work diligently to complete the finishing touches on your home renovation.

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