Help Your Roof Last Longer

Help Your Roof Last Longer

Your roof is an essential component of your home, so it is important that you do all that you can to make sure that it lasts a long time. Below, we give you some tips that can help you prolong the lifespan of your roof.


Like any other investment, the best way to keep it in great shape is to have a maintenance routine that you actually perform. The great thing about roof maintenance is that you don’t have to do it every day, it is recommended to inspect your roof at least two times a year. The goal of roof maintenance is to ensure that moisture can move away from the roof.

Roof Maintenance Requires:

– Sweeping the surface of your roof to remove any debris

– Removing any build-up from the gutter and downspouts

– Washing areas that you notice have moss growth

By doing all of your roof maintenance in the fall and spring, you can ensure that your roof will be well equipped to handle winter storms and summer rains.


Spending some time and money on preventative measures will ensure that you don’t have to replace your roof any time soon.First, you’ll want to make sure that your attic has adequate insulation. A properly installed layer of insulation will make your home’s interior temperature stable, which will, in turn, prevent water vapour from gathering on the underside of your roof. Long term, you’ll start to notice your heating and cooling bills reduce.

After looking after the insulation, you’ll want to re-direct your attention to ventilation. Like insulation, good ventilation will prevent water and moisture from damaging your roof’s sheathing and rafters. Clean up any debris in your attic’s vents. You may want to consider installing screens to prevent animals from nesting inside your attic.

Another prevention tip is to cut any overhanging tree limbs. It’s better to be safe than sorry after all.


The best way to help your roof last longer is to be aware of the warning signs. Here are some things you should be on the lookout for:

– Damaged or loose materials around your vents and pipes

– Any noticeable sagging or leaning

– A large build-up of debris

– Detached gutters and downspouts


While the internet is a great place to get information, any work on your roof should be done by a professional. Not only is it dangerous to work on a roof, especially if you don’t have the experience, but you could also cause more damage to your roof.

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