How a New Roof Can Save You Money

How a New Roof Can Save You Money

In the last 20 years there have been amazing advances in the technology behind manufacturing and installing roofs. Solar Panels and UV reflective pigments are two of the best ways to use your roof, to save a bit of extra money this year. As individuals we all must do our part to preserve the environment, but did you know a new roof can help? Not only will your new roof help save the environment by using sustainable or recycled materials, but it will help save your wallet too. 

With the growing demand for clean energy sources in Ontario, now is the perfect time to have solar panels installed on your roof. With solar panels being produced more efficiently and at a lower cost, installation is getting cheaper and cheaper. Also, the Canadian and Ontario governments have rebate and tax credit programs to encourage installation and reduce the financial burden on Canadians.

In Canada, our winters are cold and our summers are hot, having a new roof that helps regulate the temperature in your home can reduce the cost of utilities. With advances to manufacturing technology, some modern roofing materials are available with UV reflective colour pigmentation. This means as the summer sun heats up, your house will stay cool. For example, Cool Roofs by GAF are specially designed to reflect the sun’s harmful rays, reducing the cost of utilities and prolonging the life of your roof.

If you are interested in reducing your utility bill or creating clean energy then call AllPro Roofing the trusted name in Southern Ontario. With 3 generations of industry experience, our technicians are highly trained and well equipped to serve you better than our competitors.