What is the Difference Between Curb and Deck Mounted Skylights?

What is the Difference Between Curb and Deck Mounted Skylights?

Adding a skylight to your roof is the best way to increase the amount of natural light in your home. Besides the benefits of natural sunlight itself, a skylight is a great way to lower energy bills and keep your home full of fresh air. Skylights today are highly advanced pieces of equipment, fitted with rain sensors, coloured automatic shades, and new Velux skylights can even be programmed to cycle fresh air through your home throughout the day.

There are two types of skylights available to install on your roof and it is important to know the differences between the two.

 First, is the Curb Mounted Skylight, these skylights are the most common type and are widely available. The Curb Mounted Skylight gets its name from the way it sits on top of a built up box, or “curb”, on your roof. Usually this curb is made of 2×6 construction lumber turned on edge, and secured to the roof deck. Metal “flashing” is then fitted around the newly built up curb to waterproof the area. To complete the installation your skylight professional will fit the new skylight over top of the curb like a lid on a box. This design is beneficial because it allows for easy repair or replacement of old skylights without the hassle of having to waterproof and re-flash the area every time. The biggest drawback to the Curb Mounted Skylight is that due to the built up curb, your skylight will sit higher on your roof and some homeowners prefer a sleeker profile.

For homeowners looking to add more natural sunlight to their home, but want to keep their roof looking as seamless as possible, the Deck Mounted Skylight is your best choice. Deck Mounted Skylights lower the profile of the unit and can increase your home’s energy efficiency because they are secured directly to the roof deck. Expert skylight manufacturers like Velux, have designed the Deck Mounted Skylight to be the curb itself. This allows the skylight to sit with a lower profile on the roof without sacrificing protection against rain, snow and whatever else our Canadian climate can throw at it.

Does your home need a skylight replaced? Would you like to add more natural light in your den, hallway or kitchen? Then a new Curb or Deck Mounted Skylight is the perfect choice. AllPro Roofing is licensed, local and a certified Velux Installer. With 3 generations of roofing experience we have the knowledge and skill to install your new Curb or Deck Mounted Skylight promptly and professionally, the first time, every time.