Asphalt Shingle Problems: The Best Roofing Company in Orangeville To Repair & Install Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt Shingle Problems: The Best Roofing Company in Orangeville To Repair & Install Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt Shingle installation & repair in Orangeville

Asphalt shingles have long been a common choice for roofing for very good reasons. They are readily available, reasonably priced, and very adaptable in terms of appearance. That doesn’t imply they don’t have problems, though. All homeowners should be aware of several issues with asphalt roof shingles when selecting their roofing material.

Sometimes they fall apart too soon. Knowing some of the issues you can run into over the course of your roof’s lifespan is helpful if you have asphalt shingles. By doing so, you’ll be able to recognize when it’s time to contact a roofing expert to deal with damage signs.

Few Potential Issues That Could Arise With Your Shingles


If you see some of your shingles curling, moisture is probably to blame. When shingles aren’t adequately aired, moisture might enter them. The shingles’ proportions may alter as they gradually dry out, which could affect how flat they lie. You might be able to glue the curling shingles down if the issue is mild. In extreme circumstances, you may need to replace the roof.


Asphalt shingles tend to grow little blisters as they age. However, more recent roofing materials could also have these elevated regions. This can be the result of a manufacturing defect or inadequate roof ventilation.

Raised Shingles

When exposed to severe winds, your shingles may start to lift if they weren’t installed correctly. The proper amount of fasteners must be used in the appropriate places when installing shingles. Otherwise, even though your roof is not ancient, you might detect a few elevated shingles. That’s one of the reasons you should work with licensed and certified roofers.

Lost Granules

Granule loss is typically a sign that your shingles are nearing the end of their useful life. However, asphalt shingles can exhibit evidence of early degradation. When this occurs, you should get in touch with experts so they can determine the root cause of the issue.

Premature Cracking

A shingles’ surface may also develop cracks over time as a normal aspect of ageing. Sometimes, though, they are brought on by heavy winds, deck movement, or stress.

Thermal Tearing

Asphalt shingles may split or crack completely in response to sudden temperature fluctuations. If you don’t catch this in time, the cracks could let water seep through to the roof’s other layers. Individual shingles may come off the roof and become detached since shingles are put in pieces. There are various reasons for this:

  • A powerful breeze lifted and broke the bond between Shingle A and Shingle B below it
  • The shingle unsealed as a result of an impact or hit to the roof.
  • The black strip in the centre of the shingle, which serves as the sealant, is cracked or fragile.
  • The temperature was too low when the shingle was laid, the seal was unable to engage.
  • The seal was never initially properly engaged.

It’s important to have a missing shingle on your roof fixed and replaced as soon as feasible. If you don’t address it, your home or place of business could be exposed to the elements for a long time and develop another issue on top of the missing shingle (think water damage).

Additional Roof Issues with Asphalt Shingles: Watch Out For Installation Error

The majority of the six typical shingle roof issues mentioned above can be attributed to poor installation, particularly if the roof is not too old. You can also see that each roof needs sufficient ventilation, which the contractor is responsible for doing correctly.

Unfortunately, some installers and contractors lack the necessary training or experience, which is why it’s crucial to locate and eventually select the best contractor. Verifying the following points can help determine whether a contractor is reliable:

  • They are courteous, attentive, and able to answer your inquiries.
  • They give thorough explanations of available products and installation procedures.
  • They come highly recommended by relatives, close friends, or neighbours who have hired them to install their products.
  • Another option is to get in touch with a shingle manufacturer and see if they can recommend someone in your region.


Asphalt shingle roof warranties are notoriously complicated. The warranties provided with your shingle roof installation are sometimes subpar or deceptive because shingles are on the lower end of the quality roofing materials spectrum. Because of this, it’s important to understand what the guarantee implies, covers, etc. Additionally, prorated shingle warranties are frequently seen. These warranties partially cover the cost of repairs or replacements, but the costs of coverage decrease with time. With prorated warranties, the homeowner can only receive a portion of the coverage and be financially responsible for the majority of the repairs.

You should carefully examine any warranties provided by the shingle manufacturer or your contractor to understand exactly what coverage to anticipate in the event of a problem.

Manufacturing Flaws

One other thing to keep in mind is that some problems might be brought on by a product flaw caused by the manufacturer. It can be difficult to demonstrate this incident since some manufacturers are reluctant to take responsibility. It’s worthwhile to speak with the manufacturer if you believe your shingles have a problem. They might be able to send someone to your house or property to investigate the matter and establish whether it was a real manufacturing flaw or an environmental concern.

Contact AllPro Roofing Inc. if You’re Having Problems with Asphalt Shingles

There will come a time when replacing your roof will be your only option. However, you may increase the longevity of your asphalt shingles by getting routine preventative maintenance. You should keep a close check on your roof and watch out for the problems we’ve listed above. If there are any indications of damage, get in touch with our expert roofing company in Orangeville right away to have the issue evaluated and fixed.

Your roof will shield your house, its belongings, and your family for a considerably longer period if you take prompt action. Whether your roof is deteriorating prematurely, ageing naturally, or you need a new roof installed by a professional, we can help. To arrange an inspection or learn more about our extensive offering of roofing services, contact us right now.

Leave it to our professional roofing contractors in Orangeville to provide you with the best Asphalt shingle repair & installation solution that fits your timeline and your budget. Call AllPro Roofing Inc. today to see how we can help you with your roofing situation.

The information provided is for general information purposes only and not intended to replace professional service. Please consult a licensed roofing contractor for advice and to diagnose any issues to best respond to your specific situation and needs.