Cedar Shake Roofing


Perhaps it’s just the natural beauty of wood, or maybe it reminds us of simpler times, but there is always something special about a Cedar Shingle or Shake Roof. The expert craftsmen who dedicated their lives to producing the finest cedar shingles and shakes are proud that their work has stood the test of time.

At AllPro Roofing, we too, are incredibly proud to be a part of the ongoing history and tradition that comes with installing a gorgeous Cedar Shake or Cedar Shingle Roof. Cedar Roofs have some amazing qualities that make them the top choice for a rustic, natural looking home.

Energy Saving

  • Cedar Shake or Shingles are excellent thermal insulators which means your home is naturally cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This natural insulation means a reduced cost to heat or cool your home and more money in your pocket. Your roof is already paying for itself.
  • Cedar is also the most natural and sustainable roofing material on the market which means you can feel good about not hurting the environment when you choose a new cedar shingle or shake roof.

Weather Resistant and Durable

  • Cedar’s natural durability helps it stand up to the freezing and thawing of Canada’s changing seasons. Naturally resistant to moisture decay, and impact resistant, Cedar is tough enough for ice and hail.
  • Cedar is also incredibly strong and when properly installed creates a bridging effect, reinforcing the structural integrity of your roof deck.

Unmistakable Beauty

  • A Cedar Shake or Shingle roof will make your home the talk of the block, it’s eye catching curb appeal unmistakeable amongst a sea of asphalt.
  • The natural colour of cedar changes overtime, from a crisp golden brown to a distinguished silver grey, maturing the exterior of your home.

Grades of Cedar

It is important to know there are many grades of Cedar Shake available for purchase, but rest assured AllPro Roofing only works with the top two. The two types of Cedar we offer for a shake or shingle roof, are Grade 1 or Grade 2;

  • Grade 1 is the best cedar shingle or shake available. It is from the heart of the tree and is 100% knot and defect free. Grade 1 is also 100% edge grain.
    • Grade 2 is also a high quality cedar shingle or shake but is mixed flat and edge grains. There are knots allowed but only on the top ⅓ of the shingle or shake. Mostly heartwood, Grade 2 allows for a small quantity of sapwood.


Along with Grade 1 and Grade 2 classifications, there are two main styles of cedar most commonly installed today, they are Tapersawn Shakes and Perfection Cedar shingles, both with their own unique benefits.

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Tapersawn Shake

  • Hybrid between Shake and Shingle
  • Tapered Wood tiles, both faces sawn
  • Random Widths
  • Thicker than a shingle, but uniform thickness across this style
  • Felt Paper interlay between each row for a 2 layer application
  • Fast and efficient installation like standard shake with uniform appearance of a shingle

Perfection Cedar Shingle

  • 18’’long, 0.45” thick
  • Uniform thickness across this style
  • 3 layer applications process with no felt underlay
  • Available in Alaskan Yellow or Western Red
  • Random Widths

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