When Should I Replace My Roof?

When Should I Replace My Roof?

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Knowing when to replace your existing roof can save you hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars in damage and repairs. Damaging UV light from the sun, the harsh Canadian climate and years of freeze/thaw cycles will eventually wear down every roofing material. Over time your shingle, composite slate, metal or flat roof will begin to deteriorate and need repairs. The wear and tear on your roof can be managed with a proper preventive maintenance program, but eventually, every roof will fail. Constant repairs are draining on your wallet, it is always best to replace your roof before serious damage can occur.

The first step to replacing your roof is performing a visual inspection from the ground and in your attic. Take a walk around your home and examine your roof for missing or torn shingles, sun damage, mould and algae. Look inside your attic and examine the exposed roof deck for water stains or mould growth. If any of these problems are present it is time to call a licensed roofing contractor to perform a thorough inspection.

AllPro Roofing specializes in roof replacement assessments and inspections. Our highly trained and certified technicians will be happy to travel to your home whenever it is convenient for you and complete a thorough inspection of your roof, eavestroughs, vents, soffit and fascia, we can also examine your home’s siding for any damage or defects.

A good roofing contractor will always attempt to actually get on your roof for a better look at any possible damage to the roof itself, your vents, and any metal flashing around chimneys and along walls. Can a proper roof inspection be done from the ground? The answer is no. True, it may be possible to see that a roof needs replacing from the ground, but it’s impossible to see that it doesn’t. All roofs have small but vital areas that won’t be visible from the ground, and without a proper inspection, damages can go unnoticed costing you hundreds down the road.

Following a thorough inspection, we will offer you the best solution for your situation. At AllPro Roofing we don’t believe in high-pressure sales, we care about our customers ‘ being, and their roofs. If your roof requires a full replacement, a repair or no work at all, we are committed to being upfront and honest with all of our valued customers.

If you think it is time to replace your roof, please give AllPro Roofing a call. With 3 generations of industry experience, we are the trusted choice across Southern Ontario.